We’ll Set Your Reel up for Success

When your reel starts screaming from a big fish you’re always worried about those knots. As line goes out you start thinking about the knot on your fly, tippet to leader, leader to fly line connection, or your line to backing. We can help eliminate some of those worries with our reel spooling services. Our shop employs staff who have fished around the world, and can set up any reel you need properly, with secure knots and the right amount of backing. From trout to marlin, we can get you rigged for success.

We will gladly spool any reel and line, and it’s complimentary if you buy one or both of them from us!

But if you bought it from someone else, no problem, we’ll take care of you for a nominal fee.

Fly Reel spooling for trout: $10

Fly Reel spooling for big game (pike, carp, salt, steelhead, etc.): $20

Spin Reel spooling (depends on size and lb. test): $5-15



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