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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for March 16th, 2019

Snake River

Continued warming trend in the area is getting fish to the surface as they feed on stronger hatches of both midges and Capnia stoneflies.  Most of this activity in occurring in slow water channels with decent depths and at the tail and margins of riffles.  Midges emergers are working best.  Low-in-the-film winter stonefly imitations (#16 to #18) are a close second.

Double nymphs rigs continue to work best in the same water as top water patterns and on the margin of seams as well.  Go with about six feet of leader at most from line to trailing flies.  Shortening […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for March 5th, 2019

Snake River

Lots of snow in the valley over the past two week is making access to the river a bit of the work. Take snowshoes or skis if you have them.

Pretty warm temps are sparking some good chironomid emergences and more Capnias are about as well.  This is not automatically sparking intense feeding, but it is happening when the fish feel up to it.  Most of this is occurring at the tail of riffle pools and in deeper side channels with minimal current.  Nymphing still remains the most consistent way to go and are producing in the same water.  […]

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