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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for February 19th, 2019

Snake River

Variable weather over the past two week with some cooler days in the 20s and some warmer ones in the mid to high 30s. The warmer days have brought out the midges in consistent fashion from approximately noon until around 4pm.  Surface action is still best slow current channel with several feet of depth and at the seam edges where these channels joins main channel currents.  Nymphing is good in the same water and at the mid and tail of slow current riffles.

Streamer fishing has been picking up in slower water types like those described above. Floating lines, […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for February 4th, 2019

Snake River

The sole focus on the Snake at the moment tends to be slower backwater channels with minimal currents. This is where the action is, and it is primarily on midge larva/pupa patterns.  Lightly weighted double nymph rigs with five to six feet of leader are working best.  Takes have been slow, so be on your toes.

A noticeable uptick in surface action on warmer days is also occurring in the same water. Once again, takes are slow, so be on the ball and set quick but lightly.

Small streamers continue to produce in respectable fashion in slow currents. Go with […]

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