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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for July 1st, 2018

Snake River

Releases from Jackson Lake have dropped to 3,000cfs and the tailwater reach is crystal clear and offering some of the best dry fly fishing in the area at the moment. PMDs and micro caddis are emerging along the entire length and blue-wings are out on those days with clouds and precipitation. You will also see a fair amount of golden stones (particularly above Pacific Creek) and yellow sallies. Eddies, riffles, and seams are fishing well with single and tandem dry rigs.  Getting a good drift will help big time.

Double nymph and dry-dropper rigs are working in the same […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for June 20th, 2018

Snake River

Flows from Jackson Lake Dam have dropped to 3,100cfs and there is a world of difference in terms of action on the tailwater section below Jackson Lake Dam. Sure, we were getting into decent fishing prior to the drop, but there is a totally noticeable uptick in production now, especially on the upper reach above Cattleman’s.

Top water action has picked up significantly, especially on days with cloud cover and a little precipitation as blue-winged olives and PMDs emerge. This is mostly happening on the lower section from Cattleman’s down to Pacific Creek.  Target eddies, banks and structure.  It […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for June 10th, 2018

Snake River

Flows from Jackson Lake Dam have dropped to 4,800cfs and the tailwater reach continues to gain clarity as lake turnover subsides. The fishing has vastly improved as well.  Still mostly nymphing on the upper reach above Cattleman’s with the best action in recirculating eddies and along seams and banks with moderate depths and currents.  Nine feet from line to trailer has been standard.  Going as short as six feet will work in obvious places.

Nymph rigs are working better below Cattleman’s than they have over the previous couple months. Nonetheless, streamers remain the best way to go.  Target banks, […]

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