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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for July 26th, 2016

Snake River

The Snake is slowly dropping and fishing is good but, as with almost all the streams in the area, water temperatures are warming – hitting 64 to 66 degrees by 6pm. Still, the fishing has been solid in almost all types of holding water whether you are fishing a dry, a nymph, or a streamer.  And more larger trout are appearing on the scene on just about every reach.  Focus on the morning and early afternoon hours.

PMDs dominate the surface scene. Caddis and yellow sallies are also around, as are grasshoppers, damsel flies, and carpenter ants.  Dry-dropper rigs are […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for July 15th, 2016

Snake River

The Snake is getting into prime mid-summer form and should remain this way for the next several weeks. One thing to watch is the water temperatures, which are getting into the low 60s in the early evening.

PMDs are the primary bugs on the water, with a smattering of yellow sallies and caddis (the latter in the morning and evening) thrown in. Grasshoppers are starting to appear on every reach.  Some reaches also have a few carpenter ants around.

Morning hours are a good time to be fishing dry-droppers and tandem dry fly rigs along banks, submerged structure, riffles pools […]

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