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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for July 1st, 2016

Snake River

The Snake is dropping fast and clearing even fast.  It is safe to say that, by fishing standards, runoff ended around July 24th. It is definitely time to start fishing it, and all reaches are producing.  Expect to see PMDs, yellow sallies, drakes, small goldens, and some caddis on the surface.  It’s a smorgasbord, and trout are eating top water.

All reaches from Jackson Lake Dam down to the confluence with the Greys River are offering surface action for at least four to six hours a day (and even longer most days).  Side channels are probably the best water to target […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for June 16th, 2016

Snake River
We are in full runoff but, just like last year, a warm spring and even warmer early summer means that the river will be in shape earlier than average. We believe that the Snake peaked between June 7th and June 10th at around 15,000 cfs. Their might be a bit of a surge again as warm temps return this coming week, but it is doubtful we will get back up to 15,000 cfs.
Right now, the tail water reach from Jackson Lake Dam down to Pacific Creek remains the one section with crystal clear water and good levels of […]

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