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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for December 20th 2015

Snake River

Winter is here and the Cold temps since last January arrived over the past week, although the mid-day highs are not dipping below 20 degrees too often, and are approaching 30 degrees some days. Surface action is sparse, but we are seeing a few rising fish in the early morning hours (from 1pm until 3pm) with trout feeding on chronomids on the current margins of riffles and on inside turns at the head of riffles. Regardless, it has mostly been a nymphing game. Action is best on nymphs from about 11am until mid to late afternoon. Target riffle […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for December 6th, 2015

Snake River

Still up-and-down temperatures over the past couple of weeks with some days having highs in the 20s and other days having highs in the 40s. Either way, action on the Snake is clearly leaning towards the mid and late day hours, generally between 11am and 5pm. Chironomids dominate the scene from late morning until mid-afternoon. Nymphs are working throughout the day in riffle pools and seams. There is more action on them at the head of these holding water types later in the day. Chironomid adult and emerger patterns are getting action from about 12:30pm until 4pm. Flats, […]

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