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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for September 30th, 2015

Snake River

Caddis (in the morning), PMDs, hecubas, and blue-winged olives are the main bugs on the Snake currently. You will find a few each day, but the right weather – cool, cloudy, and a little wet – brings them out big time on just about every reach of the river.

Riffles, seams, bankside troughs, confluences points, banks, and structure are all fishing about the same. Fish tight to your targeted water when the sun is out and air temperatures are warm. When it there is some clouds and precipitation, almost all of this holding water opens up and feed lines […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for September 23rd, 2015

Snake River

Some intense precipitation last week put the Snake down for a few days from Pacific Creek down to Sheep Gulch, but the river has since cleared and we now have a low, gin clear stream and ideal autumn water temperatures. Fishing is good on every reach and the Snake is the place to be at the moment.

Tricos are the primary bug on the water from Jackson Lake Dam down to Pacific Creek. On the rest of the river, you will find decent numbers of Hecubas, mahogany duns, and PMDs throughout most days. Blue-winged olive are also appearing in […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for September 14th, 2015

Snake River

Keeps sounding like a broken record over the past two weeks – there is variations in activity from hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and reach-to-reach, but the surface and streamer action is in its typical autumn fashion, which is generally pretty damn good. Look for the fishing to get even better on those days with clouds, precipitation, and cool air temperatures. We are expecting a lot of that over the next couple of weeks. Hecubas, mahogany duns, and PMDs should come out in force.

Riffles, seams, bankside troughs, and side channels are the most productive types of holding water and really get […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for September 5th, 2015

Snake River

Cooler air temps have led to cooler water temps and we now have some solid fishing on the Snake. Not necessarily better than what we have had over the past three weeks or so (which has been pretty good), but the window of activity is wider and you don’t necessarily need to be on the ball and work for your fish as much. Consistent action is starting a tad earlier (around 10am) and lasting until mid-afternoon. When we have cloud cover and some precipitation, expect the action to intensify and to start earlier and end much later. But […]

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