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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for April 27th, 2015

Snake River

The Snake went into runoff earlier this week. Visibility is less than a foot but on those days when there is overnight freezing above 10,000 feet, clarity can reach the two foot levels– not great by any means but enough to give fly fishers OK action on streamers and nymphs. Remember that the Snake is full of spring creeks, and targeting the confluences even on those days of limited visibility can reap rewards on dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Skwalas are about no matter what the clarity is, so hitting the limited clear water we have with #10 […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for April 20th, 2015

Snake River

As has been the case over the past few weeks, weather has been variable in the region but this has not impacted the very good pre-runoff fishing we are experiencing on the Snake. The best action has been on the middle reaches from Moose Bridge down to the confluence with the Hoback River over the past month. However, now it seems that the entire river is producing good action with nymphs, streamers and dry flies. Surface action has mainly been a late morning to early evening phenomenon with midge adults being the main meal for trout on the […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for April 13th, 2015

Snake River

Variable weather over this past week, with some days in the 30s and light snow and other days sunny and deep into the 50s. Either way, the Snake continues to fish very well with adult midge imitations and streamers in the afternoon and nymphs throughout the day. Riffles and seams are the key target water with small dry flies. Shallow troughs between banks and shallow bars are also producing. You may see surface feeding everywhere in riffles and troughs, but you will still have to be on tight feeding lines with a solid drift. Streamers are working at […]

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Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for April 6th, 2015

Snake River

Variable weather this past week with some days topping out in the high 30s with snow flurries and other days in the high 50s with sunshine all day long.  The coming week is showing more stable weather with temps in the mid-50s to low 60s.  The Snake is still the dry fly powerhouse in the region with riffles and seams producing in the afternoon as cutthroats feed on midges and, to a far lesser degree, blue-winged olives.  We are also getting some surface action on #8 and #10 attractors.  Nothing off the charts, but fishing a dry-dropper rig […]

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