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Snake River Angler Fishing Report for September 29th, 2014

Snake River
Note – flows from Jackson Lake Dam will be ramping down starting on September 29th.  Flows are tentatively scheduled to drop from 1,800cfs to 325cfs by next weekend.

The Snake is still fishing in typical early autumn fashion with cutthroats rising in most holding water types for everything from mid-sized surface attractors to small BWO and Mahogany imitations.  The seasonal emergences of Claassenia stoneflies, hecubas, mahogany duns, and PMDs continue to be strong.  BWOs are also present on cooler days.  And expect to see the hecubas and mahogany duns out in force on days with precipitation.  Side channels and […]

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Snake River Angler Fishing Report September 22nd, 2014

Snake River
Pretty much a carbon copy of what we have had on the Snake over the past month with strong emergences of PMDs, Claassenia stoneflies, hecubas, and caddis on all reaches, and very good action on dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.  Dry-dropper rigs are a good route to go in a variety of holding water types.  Smaller mayfly and caddis imitations, especially those used as part of a tandem dry fly rig, are also working in many holding water types, but are ideal in skinny water and side channels, both of which have come into their own over the […]

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Snake River Angler Fishing Report September 15th, 2014

Snake River
The Snake is in her typical autumn prime and fishing lights out on almost every reach.  Hatches include Claassenia stoneflies (mutant stones), PMDs, mahogany duns, caddis, and hecubas.  Water temps are chilly in the morning so fishing is a bit tougher but by 11am action picks up steadily gets better through the afternoon and into early evening.  The morning hours are fishing best with large surface attractors and streamers along banks and structure and in deeper riffles and seams with nymphs.  In the afternoon, these patterns and holding water types continue to produce, but there is better action […]

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Snake River Angler Fishing Report September 1st, 2014

Snake River
Fishing on the Snake is off the charts at the moment with trout rising to a variety of dry flies and taking nymphs and streamers with voracity on all reaches.  PMDs remain the primary fare for fish, but they are complemented by claassenia stoneflies, hecubas, caddis, mahogany duns, as well as grasshoppers and some BWOs and crane flies.  It is a literal smorgasbord for trout right now.  Dry fly fishing is where it is at right now.  Streamer fishing is excellent as well.  You do not have to rely on nymphs, but fishing them as either double rigs […]

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