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Snake River Angler Fishing Report August 25th, 2014

Snake River
The monsoon this past week intensified productivity on the Snake, yielding strong hatches of PMDs, hecubas, mahogany duns, and even some BWOs on every reach.  Imitations of these bugs were certainly effective.  However, larger attractors and streamers were also effective.  Skies are forecasted to clear this week and temperatures will warm, but don’t expect mid to high 80s for the rest of the season.  We should be in the comfortable 70s, and this most likely means that the patterns that worked this past week will be producing for the rest of late summer and through autumn.
Large attractors and […]

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Snake River Angler Fishing Report August 18th, 2014

Snake River
Flows from Jackson Lake Dam have been reduced to 2000 cfs over this past weekend.  The Snake is fishing very well and is getting better with each passing day.  Claassenia stoneflies are the primary fare on the water and they are literally everywhere.  However, we continue to see PMDs and caddis.  There are also a LOT of grasshoppers on the banks.  As an added bonus, there has been significant movement by Hecuba larva along the riverbed (a good sign for what will probably happen over the coming weeks).  The name of the game is foam on banks and […]

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Snake River Angler Fishing Report August 11th, 2014

Snake River
The monsoonal flow from this past week has not been a detriment to the fishing on the Snake and, in some ways, has made it even more productive.  Every reach is fishing well, including Moose to Wilson, which has been kind of a hold out section until this past week when it finally turned on.  Large surface attractors are the way to go in all water types from banks and structure to riffles and seams.  Mayfly imitations are working in riffles, seams, eddies, and slower banks as trout key in more and more on PMDs, which emerged consistently […]

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Snake River Angler Fishing Report August 4th, 2014

Snake River
The Snake is on and fishing better than just about anything else in the region. All reaches of the stream are fishing well with dry flies, dry-dropper rigs, and streamers. There are still some moderate emergences of PMDs and caddis (the latter in the morning primarily), but this is in no way impacting the very good fishing being found just about everywhere in the Snake drainage. Imitations of grasshoppers are carpenter ants (both of which are frequenting the banks in greater numbers with each passing day) and attractors are producing best when fished along banks […]

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